Top 10 Hoodoo Oils

Our Top 10! IMG_7855 Top Ten Hoodoo Oils Kit! includes our most popular oils that our customers purchase. The Top Ten Hoodoo Oils include one oil for each of the most common hoodoo conditions a root worker may encounter including: love, money, luck, and many others. The Top Ten Hoodoo Oils Kit is a great idea for someone who is starting out with rootwork/hoodoo and wants to be well-equipped for any possibility. All oils are full-sized 1/2 oz bottles.

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Top Ten Hoodoo Oils Kit Includes:

  •  Love Drawing Oil: To draw love
  • Money Drawing Oil: For drawing money
  • Fast Luck Oil: For getting good luck quickly!
  • Van Van Oil: For clearing away evil and bringing good luc
  • Moses: For protection against curses, negativity and the evil eye
  • Hex Breaker Oil: To defensively reverse evil back at its source
  • Crossing Oil: To curse your enemies with misfortune
  • Blessing Oil: To bless objects and people with God’s graces
  • Cleo May: To command, control and compel a suitor.
  • Jezebel Oil: To keep him from straying.
  • Hoodoo Voodoo Oil Conjure

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