New Products & Services Coming Soon.

Memphis Conjure will be ready to offer Candle Services soon… Check Back Jan 2021…

New herbs and Medicinal roots will soon be added to our shop for many conditions..

Most herbs and blends will be in tea form and should not be a substitute for medical care and used only as a supplemental..

Always seek the care of a medical professional before use of any blend from our shop….Instructions will be provided for


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June Products!

Hello everyone.. We are conjuring up new products for the summer here at Memphis Conjure..

Specialty Teas, New Candles & a new pheromone and a few other special items per your requests..

Join us this June for the upcoming sale!!. Of course our VIP members always receive price cuts as well as participate in all sales… Our next sale will feature 15% off most items and introduce our newest products…A banner will be activated on June 1st of the Sale Date…

Thanks for supporting our shop and as always we appreciate your business…

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“Hoodoo Pheromones” Introductory Price Ends Soon! $9.99 Beginning January 2019!


Our New Hoodoo Pheromones are high quality pheromones offered to our customers.. Our introductory price of $5.75 will end soon!

These blends were mixed custom for MEMPHIS CONJURE by LPMP (Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie) courtesy of MARA FOX- Owner.

We appreciate the team at LPMP for the advice and assistance in creating these products. Our final price for our pheromones will be $9.99 per bottle and we will add new ones for 2019 for our customers to enjoy!

Thanks so much for your business.


Visit us on Facebook and DeltaHoodoo and visit our Instagram page @ memphisconjurer.

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7 Day Knobs

7 Day Knob Spell

The REAL 7 Day Knob “Accurate” Spells

7 day Knob candles used in Hoodoo and Voodoo or one of the oldest forms of candle use today. Many petitioners unfortunately use the candles in a way that is considered NEW AGE/Wiccan and not according to some of the traditions of hoodoo or Voodoo.

Knob Candles used stick pins back in the old days and today petitioners are told to write names on the candles…

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