Attn- Neo Pagan Spiritualists

Traditional Delta hoodoo practitioners, as a norm,”DO NOT WORK WITH SAINTS”, as a requirement, it is a CHOICE! as many are somehow led to believe…Many of these neo-pagan spiritualists somehow suggest this is the norm, it is not. I have practiced southern hoodoo all my life and I have never met anyone who insists on using a Saint as a requirement, it is what they may feel comfortable doing or how they were trained… Please stop pushing this nonsense.. It is disrespectful of the African Slaves who were not even allowed to have a religion of their own, and somehow Saints are old fashioned..Give me a break.

Maybe in New Orleans hoodoo, this is the norm,but not in the middle south.. There are no Loas, Saints or figureheads, just Jesus, God & Moses period! ..The ancestors are speaking…. Time to correct this nonsense once and for all…

Stop bastardizing and re-writing the Slave traditions of worship to fit into your own neat box.. It is what it is.. If you dont know or met anyone who knows, say so… Its better to not tell lies…

thanks Lisa Kay

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Lots of Confusion on the use of Chicken Feet?

The chicken foot, used in spiritual work is varied….. I have witnessed arguments about how, who & when it should be used…… While I can respect everyone’s opinion, the problem begins when someone decides to not respect mine…                                    So here goes;
In traditional Hoodoo it is commonly used for “protection” from enemies, theft & bad situations.
Some may be comfortable using it in ritual work for hexing or sending evil someone’s way…I am not.. My grandmother would kill chickens by wringing their necks, this was considered dinner and as the saying goes, waste not want not… All the parts of a chicken are used even the beaks…. She would cure the feet in rock salt for months & later on tie feathers and beads to them.
I have never seen her “paint” them as some do now, her’s were plain and simple..After they are cured and decorated, she places them on her altar and says several psalms over them, she silently meditates and burns candles for a few days at odd times… She told us that within a few days after they are “Fixed” she can hand them to whom she made it for with  instructions on how to use it, how to take care of it & why you should never lose it.. They were considered special.  The psalms she prayed were (7; 27; 31; 34; & 52) for 3 days using “white cross candles”, I do believe she personally preferred these type candles because of the shape, however she would use any white candles..
So for all those who believe they are correct in the use of the chicken foot, irregardless of other’s opinions, guess what? Other opinions DO matter.  My grandmother and mother practiced hoodoo and I practice it based on their training from the last 108 yrs,  my great granny practiced it too….I practice hoodoo as a norm, not as a cute trend or adornment, and this is how we used this traditional charm…. Sometimes people get caught up in the decorations of the craft, and forget the original purpose and history..  I “Respect” the beauty and meaning of Hoodoo, I know my ancestors will bless me for it… They Still Speak…. God Bless..

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The most common types of Hoodoo Spells.

There are all types of spells in Hoodoo & each practitioner may have their own way of performing them.. The spell was usually “taught” by elder, not written… It is an oral tradition.. Many of our ancestors may or may not, have had access to certain items or plants or materials, in different regions but nonetheless, Hoodoo remains and is practiced according to the tradition…

Here are a few from The Hoodoo Conjure Blog;

RETURN TO ME This spells purpose is to get them back. It will focus on them coming back without baggage, ready to work it out, and fix up the relationship. This spell focuses solely on just getting them back. When there are a lot of complications i.e. distance away, length-of-time since break-up, children, money issues, etc., then maybe you need this powerful spell to get them back. It will overcome all the obstacles!

DO AS I SAY For taking the leadership over them in love and life. Tired of them making bad decisions and the effect it has on you and the relationship? You can now take charge and they will amazingly go for it, too!

LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP For those who have met on social networking sites, perhaps on a vacation, or through friends, this spell will make it work.  Overcome this obstacle so that it is not an issue in moving forward.

BRAND NEW START To get all the old baggage behind you and forget the past so that you will be able to move forward. It will help you get over the person that wronged you and get you focused on the future and the rewards to behold.

STAY AT HOME Stops them from running around, wanting to be with friends all the time, giving excuses for being away, and makes them want to be with you permanently.

DON’T LEAVE ME Makes them want to be home with you and not making plans to leave you. If you suspect they are thinking about moving on, finding someone else, etc., this will bring them to their senses. They will appreciate everything that you have to offer and be true & blue to you.

BEND OVER BACKWARDS FOR ME Their will to please you will be the only thing that matters. Do they ignore you, not do enough for you, or seem not to care? Get ready to be spoiled!

START WAR BETWEEN THEM Will make a couple miserable with accusations, screaming, fighting and chaos until they break up. Also known as the Hate Spell. If you want them broke up once and for all, this is the right spell.

RED HOT RECIPE Lustful burning desires will come to fruition with raw, passionate, animalistic sex. This is for when you have one particular person in mind. Note: If you want to experience lustful desires with several partners, then the I Want Lust Spell below would be more appropriate.

I WANT LUST Fast and quick, foretold pleasures with multiple hot partners. Note: If you want to experience lustful desires with one particular person, then the Red Hot Recipe Spell above would be more appropriate.

STOP CHEATING That special someone will follow you mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially, right up to you front door.

MAKE UP QUICK Get over the horrible past, forgiveness for fights, forgetting all the bad. This spell works best where the break-up has been recent, or when talking has resumed after an old breakup. The two of you will get over all the previous issues and get back together right away.

HAUNT THEIR THOUGHTS Until they return, their thoughts and dreams will be haunted and horrible. Are you wondering what they are thinking about you right now? This is the #1 question asked of psychics. Many times, the real answer is that they are NOT thinking of you (if they were, they would be with you and not in the arms of another). That can be turned into a miserable position, and they will experience guilt, sadness, remorse and be affected day & nights in their thoughts & dreams until they come back. (This is a variation of the Anima Sola Spell)

OVER THE RAINBOW Love, pleasures, and meaningful relations with the person of the same sex.

CHECK ME OUT Attract attention from good potential mates or lovers who will find you to be sexy and charming. You could be the shy type, not one to be flashy, bold or too outgoing. Be more at ease with a spell that will bring them to you. If you feel like life is passing you by, as well as plenty of people that you would like to meet, this will change the tables.

KEEP ME FROM ALL HARM Get bad people and negative influences out of your life. Typically, this spell is requested where there seems to be way too much back luck. If you have money problems, relationship issues, bad luck at work, and it seems enemies are coming at you from all angles, then this will clean it up and keep it that way. This works when others have failed.

FALL IN LOVE WITH ME Get them to fall over heels in love with you. Maybe you are just friends, but you have decided that they are the one. Perhaps you are already dating, but they seem to be moving way too slow. This will spark their interest in you so that they appreciate all you have to offer and fall in love with you over it!

FILL THIS HOME WITH PEACE For a happy home, with laughter, fun, and joy. Get rid of strife, secrets, yelling, bickering, fighting, uneasiness, lies and more. It’s not too late to choose the spell that will make it a house of love.

FIND A MATE If you want a significant other in your life, this is the very spell that you need cast. Whether you are alone and need someone brought to you, or currently in a relationship that’s going nowhere, it is the effective choice. Get them to propose, commit, and follow through to the altar of marriage.

GET EVEN Does someone out there seem to have it in for you, they have crossed you, made you a victim? Reverse the bad intentions that they have or had for you. It will intensify the hardship ten-fold on them, bringing them bad luck, bad karma and misfortune. You are not a mean or vindictive person but you are not one to be stepped on or to be abused without fighting back. If you’re upset and certain that a specific person has done you harm or wishes for your unhappiness, this is your chance to get even.

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Respect for AA Rootworkers and Hoodoo Practitioners!

Well the time has finally come, the root workers and hoodoo practitioners who’ve learned this sacred craft from their parents & handed down for decades from past ancestors, who are direct descendants of slaves, are ready to announce that the “blending of neo pagan religions/wiccan deities” with African American style Hoodoo is just plain unacceptable!  A new site seeks to organize the descendants of AA hoodoo workers & root workers, to dispel the injections of Wicca and other neo religions into traditionally practiced hoodoo.

The NAARD, , or National Association of African American Root Workers & Descendants, seeks to bring to the forefront the “bastardized” and fake “commercialization” of Southern / Delta style hoodoo..  The membership is free and intends to bring together those who wish to see the practice respected and not pillared by gimmickry and quackery….. Its a long shot, but the intent is honorable..They may be privately financed by a former Owner/CEO of a large recruiting agency.

If you support these efforts, I suggest you visit, sign up and enjoy the benefits of a membership… It’s a long time coming.. I say “finally”.. Our AA ancestors have spoken… We will/must answer the call… The neo practitioner will never know what a slave descendant or AA had/has to endure for simple survival.. That’s why NAARD and those who were taught the old way, insist that those newbies offer well earned respect to the struggle and hardships of the AA slavery legacy, who for years suffered under a slave masters hand and whip or even worse the noose of a mob….. They demand “RESPECT” for the craft and Hoodoo, in a less gimmicky form…. Surely they understand its true meaning and purpose better than any newbie wanna-be ever could…….. Like I say, this is long overdue;  Wishing them all the best !..

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Grand Opening January 2018- Updates Weekly!

Now you can have properly prepared ritual supplies & handmade items someone properly trained in the Delta Hoodoo tradition…

Lessons and instructions on how to charge your work and get results…

Rootworker with generational history for true hoodoo, not the newage- hocuspocus……

Join us soon!…..
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Hello everyone and thanks for dropping by!

If you are curious about me, I’ll keep it simple…
Born in Memphis, raised in Memphis, happily married, 52 yrs young, born under the Cancer sun, with a veil over my eyes, in the back seat of my great uncles’ my granny’s lap…….
My grandma peeled it off and the hospital had me in isolation, I was considered a dirty baby, because back then, they would put a baby born outside the hospital,assisted by a midwife in isolation…

My hubby and I own 2 businesses and  I believe in my work..

I learned about our “Delta Hoodoo” at the knees of those who knew it best…
At least 6 generations that i know of… My great granny Alice was a
root-worker , my granny (Big Mama) was a spiritualist and knew secret things…
My momma who recently passed at aged 71, knew secret things..
I am blessed to have learned all I can….

My granny worked on Beale street in the 40’s when hoodoo was nearly illegal but a booming business in Memphis, and my mom was born on Beale street, “now how cool is that”!. (got her birth certificate to prove it)
Today’s youngsters didn’t know that there where homes and apartments on the west end of Beale street.

I am so proud and respectful of the legacy….

A legacy of their perseverance, endurance, strength and pride even in the worst
of times of racial suppression and terror……
I was taught that hoodoo was/is the physical coping mechanism of the religious slave or (illiterate slave) against a segregated and fearful Jim Crow society, taught by those who “could” read to those who couldn’t read & made them promise to never forget what they’ve been taught”……
Sadly it still is!

Thanks for reading my little intro, I do hope you come and check out our site and keep up with us on-line…

In the words of my beloved grandma (Big Mama)…..

“Come on baby girl and sit a spell, let Big Mama show you de’ way”…(wink) 

  Love y’all……

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