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   Designed to assist with sexual healing & sexual discovery..there are too many reasons to list for this oil…..

Scented delicately with a delicate floral & a bottom note of Vanilla which is a known aphrodisiac and herbs for traumatic healing or to focus on your intimacy concerns, such as passion flower, hawthorne, calamus, damiana hibiscus & ginger & burdock, all considered by many to have aphrodisiac properties….Whatever the reason you need to heal from an experience or open yourself up to new and exciting discoveries, we do hope this oil with its proper use as a meditative and alluring scent “AND” at your altar with your other tools for spiritual support, assists you………

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1 review for Awaken

  1. Gabrielle Gordon (verified owner)

    The oil lived up to its namesake, I am in love with scent. I wear this as regular perfume and I feel so warm, confident and happy. When wearing in social gathering I have to beat men off with a stick lol. I also add a bit to my candle melt during my self love mediation sessions and it works wonders raising my vibrations.

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