Be My Baby!- Honey Jar-Sweetening Spell Love Return hoodoo pagan wicca

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IN LOVE? WANNA BE IN LOVE? A useful manifest tool.

This HOODOO honey jar is custom made for those who are SERIOUS about LOVE…
Lets sweeten them up with this sweetening jar … Custom made with intent and sent to you to focus and complete the spell.Roots and Herbs chosen according to DOS & customary secrets of love, i.e, vanilla bean and allspice, the most overlooked “secrets” to any love recipe..

Order Yours Today! I start the “Same Day”… I personally prepare your jar for your condition.. You may send a photo, etc,…

Your Jar comes with instructions and a chime for you to complete the spell…

All jars fixed and hand made in house with materials available. Honey and or high grade sorghum molasses..

All jars fixed and hand made in house with materials as available.

Serious about Love? Time to get BUSY!…

I’m selling it as a curio
Cautions: Avoid use during pregnancy.
Do NOT Ingest.

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in


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