Block Buster Wash-Road Opener Floor Wash

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Road Opener Floor Wash-Our Own Formula

Pure Olive Oil Soap Mix with Abre Camino

2 reviews for Block Buster Wash-Road Opener Floor Wash

  1. SunnyRae (verified owner)

    5 star review! My sister got call for an interview an hour after I mopped my mothers floors with this. The best part is actually that it doesn’t only remove blockages in your homes but it is also killing the spiders and pestering bugs that lingered in my mothers house. A day after using it on my mothers floors she found 3 big bugs and 2 spiders dead. She says that has never happened in the 4-5 years of us living here! She loves it! Loves the smell! Must buy.

  2. LaReinaDeEspadas (verified owner)

    I own every last one of these and they really helped cleanse me and my home so that my blessings began to flow in!!!!

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