Bowl Spells-DIY Ritual


Bowl Spells-DIY Ritual

Our New Bowl Spells are custom made for you and comes with complete ritual instructions, A FEATHER AND ALL TOOLS NEEDED!

-Conjure bowl of Protection- 

The main thing we hear from individuals brand new to the occult are concerns around proper cleansing and protecting to prevent spiritual attacks or infestation. So, we gathered all the necessities for a simple cleansing ritual as a blueprint for your daily spiritual hygiene and preventative needs in attempts to eliminate anxiety. Once the entire protection ritual is complete, be sure to leave all that ails you at the crossroads away from your home.

-Conjure bowl of Desire-

The second condition we are frequently consulted on are matters of the heart; ending situationships, starting over from a hard learning experience, and relearning what love truly is.

We put everything together for you in one kit to cleanse your vibration; so when you are ready to step back out there, all you need to worry about is what you truly desire to attract. For a modern approach to a traditional belief, you may anoint yourself before you take dating app photos in addition to pouring the remaining water on your front porch.

-Conjure bowl of Abundance-

Third in our cleansing series, we focus on the condition of money. We understand money as an energy that can be blocked in a variety of ways, but released vice versa. If you find yourself not able to save with no clue how to increase your financial situation, this kit is what you need to create weekly rituals for money drawing.

-Conjure bowl of Blessings-

The fourth installment in our cleansing series is for general blessings. Often times we settle into stagnation that will block our blessings. Stagnation can look like settling for just enough; not really being excited for new people, places, or things to come into our lives for full satisfaction.

If you truly desire a breakthrough in life, we put together everything you need to reinvigorate your energy and start conquering new goals.

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Dimensions 7 × 5 × 5 in

Blessing, Desire, Abundance, Protect


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