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Chango Oil

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Chango -also known as Shango or Xango- is the Yorubian Orisha of lightning, thunder, and war, as well as music, drumming, and dancing. He is considered to be one of the most powerful deities in Yorubian  culture.

In human form, Chango was a king in Oyo, the Yoruba
ancestral homeland. As an Orisha, he shows many of the qualities we associate with human kings: Pride, strength, resilience, fierceness, bravery, intelligence. He’s a magnificent warrior, he’s hardworking, and above all, he likes to be acknowledged as the leader so he doesn’t have to take orders from anyone. He represents male beauty and virility, passion, and power. He carries a double sided axe.

Colors: Red and white

Number: 6

Days: Friday, 4th day of every month, and December 4th(his feast day).

Sacred Food: Okra stew with shrimp and palm oil.

Use this oil at your altar during any rituals associated with Chango, to anoint candles or petitions for him, or on any of his celebratory days.

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