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Every now & then someone comes along that you have to protect yourself or others from…This oil is the result. One of the darkest oils ever formulated out of the old Hoodoo/Voodoo traditions. DUME is primarily used for destroying someone who “justifiably” should be destroyed. For example, a cold-hearted criminal committing depraved acts, etc. However some have made the mistake of choosing this oil to spiritually attack others on a whim out of jealousy or envy (WHICH WE ALL KNOW IS A NO-NO)… If there is someone who needs to be put to a stop, this is one of the traditional formulas designed to do the job…
TIP: Keep this oil to the left and make sure your petition is justified.

Dume—D.U.M.E (Destruction Unto My Enemies or Do Unto My Enemies) aka Black List in the Wicca/Pagan lingo.

D.U.M.E contains
Graveyard Dirt
Red Pepper
Black Pepper
Snake Sheds
insects & other dark herbs.

Sold as a curio;
We make NO guarantee of any magical outcomes

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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

2 reviews for D.U.M.E.

  1. Glamorous Witch Sable (verified owner)

    I just received this oil and I did a very dark ritual with it. It was also a waning moon so that made it even better. I did it in the hour of Saturn during witching hours! What I did was completely JUSTIFIED!! by the way. I’m not a evil person but dont push me. I will protect myself at all cost. I just received a text and found out that the two men that were constantly talking so much ### about me at work and other things were fired for having sex with each other on the job parking lot and for stealing out of the cafeteria. They dont have a clue how they got caught because nobody was around and the storm that we just had ruined the cameras. Maybe spiritual forces told on them……..

  2. Kimberly Miller (verified owner)

    I accidentally purchased 2 of these oils. I decided to keep both and I use them sparingly. I’m not sure if I’m using them correctly, I used a candle with it first and it was for someone in particular. I’ve used this oil anytime I deal with that person, I don’t use it on my skin. I use it on things this person will be near. this person is still hard to deal with, but it seems that I’ve become stronger and he’s backed off. I feel something more needs to be done. This person, I’ve done a spell on him once and the glass for my candle shattered. I think he’s just a really evil person and has gotten away with things for a long time.

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