Elegua Oil


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Elegua Oil

-Elegua Oil-

Elegua -also known by Papa Legba, Elegbara, Eshu, or Exu- is an Yorubian Orisha known as the Master of Force, or the Lord of the Crossroads, because he plays a role in every decision we make in life. With his help, things go smoothly; but he can put obstacles in your path making life take unexpected turns. Most practitioners of Santería know that it’s very important to maintain good relations with Eleguá because
without him, nothing is possible.

He is represented both as a child or as an old man. He represents the beginning and ending of all things; the opening and closing of paths; war and peace; life and death. His eleke (beaded necklace) represents this with red and black beads in a repeated pattern. 

Considered to be a great messenger, Elegua MUST be called on  for his approval before partaking in any ceremonies or rituals. Without his permission, the doors to communication with other Orishas stay closed. He is said to hold the keys to the past, present, and future.

Colors: Red and black

Number: 3, or any multiple of 3.

Days: Monday, the 3rd of every month, January 6th, and June 13th.

Offerings: Smoked fish, Roasted corn, Coconut, Palm Oil, and Candy.

Use this oil at your altar during any rituals associated with Elegua, to anoint candles or petitions for him, or on any of his celebratory days. 

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