Healing & Grounding Oil

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Healing & Grounding- A Pure Oil from a very very old recipe..strictly for serious users to use at the altar and for active meditation.
Contains the following -7 Power Herbs in an Olive Oil Base.
Frankincense resin, African Myrrh resin, Yerba Santa, Hyssop, Angelica root powder & Calamus Root & Balm….
  Whenever you feel the need to balance, regroup and commit to healing , be it mental blockages, spiritual exercises or meditative work, try our HH Oil-

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in

5 reviews for Healing & Grounding Oil

  1. TaKeria Goodman (verified owner)

    This oil really has changed my life. There were some things in the way that kept me from reaching new levels. Once using this oil, I began to feel like a burden was lifted, and I’ve gone back to my fasting and water diet. I’m able to grow with my Spirituality!

  2. Isis Dawson (verified owner)

    Healing & Ground is the perfect oil for shadow work. I use this anytime I am feeling overwhelmed or low energy. It’s helped me gain a lot of self-awareness, confidence, and heal past traumas.

  3. elisabeth (verified owner)

    I add this oil to my diffuser and I sleep so good. I also anoint
    My third eye and heart. And make affirmations with my intent of
    Healing etc. I really feel this oil helps to keep me grounded and helps to ease my anxiety. I also anoint grounding crystals with it and wear them.
    And it smells amazing!

  4. chinadoll85 (verified owner)

    This oil works! I was having a stressful day and it helped me calm down and I actually felt lighter. I will be ordering again. Scent is very pleasant.

  5. aqq (verified owner)

    love it! helps me falling asleep faster. and helps with my headache. am wondering if Lisa will make an oil that targets at anxiety?

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