Jezebel Oil hoodoo voodoo pagan witchcraft

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Jezebel Oil- So Many Uses! Alluring subtle scent and for use in everyday love & attraction spells or ritual workings.
For You or Your Clients… Jezebel Oil adds that extra “POW” to your workings..
Contains the correct roots and made with Almond Oil/Vitamin E. & Castor or Sunflower oil….

Jezebel Oil is for that girl who is determined to get that man & hopefully keep him under her spell.

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I’m selling it as a curio
Cautions: Avoid use during pregnancy.
Do NOT Ingest.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in

5 reviews for Jezebel Oil hoodoo voodoo pagan witchcraft

  1. Alex (verified owner)

    I had wore Jezebel w Cleo May last night and it was a wonderful time! My man agreed to invest in a work project I’m starting this week AND people in general very accommodating, looking out for me, being extra kind, etc. I like to wear these 2 formulas together for maximum effectiveness if I’m looking for generosity. Women responded well to this blend too a BIG plus for me.

  2. Tykisha Pulliam (verified owner)

    I purchased this oil and it smells so good…I dabbed some on my wrist and couldn’t stop smelling myself. I cannot wait to wear this.

  3. Keesha Jones (verified owner)

    Omg this smells so lovely and I can’t wait to adorn my temple with this, Cleo May, Fame, Hamsa and the Platinum Oil.

  4. Msnena (verified owner)

    I wore this oil on a trip out of town and ended being in a crowd of people inside a gas station with all of them complimenting me and going out of their way to accommodate me……… I stayed in the car for the remainder of the trip after that.

  5. Rcbrown926 (verified owner)

    I put this oil on and my man came for my entire life…. It’s become one of my favorite oils

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