King Solomon Oil


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Its Finally HERE!  King Solomon Oil……The oil of wisdom and absolute power and concentration..From the Most Powerful King Ever!

Solomon was the son of King David, another Hebrew patriarch who united all of Israel. Obtained wealth and power and riches untold!

The author of a very famous 17th century grimoire, The Goetia, or Lesser Key of Solomon, claims to have been written originally by King Solomon. This text and others describe Solomon as a priest and powerful magician, establishes the person of King Solomon as a role model for modern ceremonial magicians and sorcerers and adapted to many folk practices.

How to use this oil according to our personal tradition only.. You may use it according to your training.

Pray psalms 23 each time you use the oil.  For wisdom, clear answers and divination or meditation, anoint the forehead, bridge of nose and hands and meditate.. Use a yellow candle.

Crown of Success is the complimentary oil…& is magnified with this oil.

Use with Crown of Success Oil to anoint the head or forehead “only” for upcoming tests and exams. The oil can be used on the hair as it is all natural and contains no chemicals.

Anoint petitions and financial papers for a successful outcome, loans, mortgage, job applications.  Use at the place of business to bring in more business..

Use on your hands for any job interview or important meeting.  Carry the appropriate SOLOMON SEAL in your mojo bag OR WALLET and anoint it with the oil each week.. Place some oil on dollar bills and keep them in your wallet or purse….

Contains; Rose, Hyssop, Solomon Seal Roots, Olive/Almond Oil.


Sold as a curio only.

As Req by law, we make no guarantees of any magical outcome.


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  1. Jdorevss (verified owner)

    The King Solomon oil is definitely one of my favorite oils that I used. It has helped me a lot with giving me clarity and has been a great oil to use with meditating. I highly reccomend it for gaining awareness of self, situations, and using it for candle/meditation purposes. It’s such a underrated oil that would benefit everyone in spiritual practices!

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