Love Drawing Oil- “Red” Formula #1 Potion magic romance

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The Most Powerful “Love Oil” we offer. Our clients deserve the BEST oil, period.

One of our best reviewed blends EVER!-

Sourced and prepared under optimal conditions, this red oil is one of my favorites.. I also make a clear one, but this is the most requested…This oil is subtle and complicated at the same time.. Made from a formula I have used for 25 years…… Some notes are recognizable, others not so much.. I have used this oil for serious love spells……

Contains the proper roots and petals and made with Almond Oil & Vitamin E base & High Grade Essence Oils.. Please use sparingly. This oil takes at least a month to make…because of the harvest date of the roots/flowers required, it must be “just” right.
Ritually charged and blessed for the intention of Love… Please anoint “ALL” items during the Love Spell…Contact the store for Jumbo Size Orders.

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To comply: I’m selling it as a curio
Cautions: Avoid use during pregnancy.
Do NOT Ingest.
Color intensity may vary..

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4 reviews for Love Drawing Oil- “Red” Formula #1 Potion magic romance

  1. LaReinaDeEspadas

    This is one of my favorite. I use it on my candles and other workings. It smells very sweet and makes men friendlier, more helpful and chatty. I used this in conjunction with the #9 today and the man who runs the store paid for two of my items

  2. Alex (verified owner)

    I combined the Lovepotion Red and the Lovepotion #9 together on my pulsepoints, Angel in my hair and Sugarbaby in my cleavage, let me tell you this was Incredibly potent. My man was hypnotized by me…he kept telling me how beautiful I am and how incredibly attracted he is to me. These products are amazing!

  3. mayyim (verified owner)

    This came in the mail today. I put three drops on my neck and within an hour my husband—who had been moody and distant all day—was kissing and pawing at me and talking about how all of a sudden he saw me and felt so in love (his words). I can’t wait to try it combined with the #9.

  4. barbara (verified owner)

    This has a nice smell I bought it works I will be buying it again

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