Love Spell- Fixed 7 Day Candle

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Love Spell 7 day candle to burn for the one you love….Get noticed, get their attention!

Need a Love Spell? New Love, Old Love, Keep Love, Find Love…Rekindle Love…So many to choose from.

Our Love Spell Candles are fixed with the 9 “Power” Love herbs and roots…
All ready to be placed on your altar… Your petition awaits….

Order your Love Spell candle Today!

All of our fixed candles are ready to go. They are dressed with the proper herbs and natural ingredients added, we also send free oils to dress your candle….All candles are cleansed & blessed before shipping, however you may perform this ritual on your own according to your tradition..

Burn our candle for Love, beginning on a Friday, preferably under a New Moon.

Order this gorgeous fixed candle today..

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 8 in


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