Master Candle Work- Complete Kit


Master Candle Work- Complete Kit

Court Of Heaven


The court of heaven is derived from the hoodoo tradition of “summoning the court.”  Our ancestors used patterns in scripture in combination with the act of contrition to conjure swift divine intervention in matters of crisis and long term life and death issues.  We categorized prayer and scripture for each condition:


Cycle-Breaker- We use the order of operations for Cycle-Breaker to heal and remove generational curses.
We recognize generational curses as both spiritual attacks and self-limiting beliefs or poor lifestyle choices passed down from family.


Settlement- We use the order of operations for settlement to expedite favorable verdicts in all court matters big or small & settlements outside of court attendance from family & friends.


Venerate- We use the order of operations of prayer to venerate  & to elevate the spirits of black and brown people who have lost their lives to senseless violence and expedite the process of retribution.


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Weight 10.5 oz
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 4 in

Cycle Breaker, Venerate, Custody, Cease&Desist, Settlement, Counsel


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