Nation Sack- The Memphis Mojo gris gris bag Tn Hoodoo Bag Memphis

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Made in our shop only during a New Moon /Waxing Phase!!! By Special Request Only…Email us first!! @

The Authentic Nation Sack/MOJO/Lucky Hand- Many nation/nature sacks are made incorrectly. My Grandmother carried one, I carry one and many hoodoo/ root worker more than likely has this item nearby or be quite familiar with it…  It is filled with items of particular importance or special meaning.
They were traditionally constructed from flour sacks and worn about the body containing dimes and stones. bones and roots etc..
They are charged by a root worker or you may charge yours yourself..
It is a woman’s lucky hand that she alone carries and charges to do her will. Used for Luck, Love, to keep her man etc..
Considered one of the most revered items in all of hoodoo.

If you need a nation/nature sack to carry, made custom just for you ,I will make it, bless it and send to you with further instructions.
Order yours today..

I’m selling it as a curio

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in


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