Obatala Oil

Obatala Oil



Obatala is the oldest of the Orishas and is considered to be the child of the one Almighty God known as Olodumare. He is considered to be the creator of the Earth, the Sky, and Human Beings and is known as the father of the sky, as well as the patron of Children and Childbirth.

As a young man, Obatala was a very strong warrior who saw many injustices throughout the wars he fought. Once he became an Orisha, he vouched for peace and became very keen on karmic justice. Hence, he is often called on to help with legal matters and court issues. He is the Orisha who resolves conflicts. 

He symbolizes spiritual purity, cleanliness, wisdom, and ethics. 

Use this oil at your altar during any rituals associated with Obatala, to anoint candles or petitions for him, or on any of his celebratory days. 

Colors: White, with red or purple.

Numbers: 8

Days: Sunday, September 24th. 

Offerings: Meringue, rice, snail shell, milk, water, crushed egg shell, coconut, cocoa butter, white yams, white bread, egg, tobacco, or myrrh. 

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