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Had to think long and hard about releasing this one…..It’s main purpose is to COMMAND & CONTROL!  Nothing Else! 

Need someone to Obey you, Pay attention to you, Listen to you, Hear you, Heed your warning, Call you?

For Dedicated Altar Workers, you will need this one in your cabinet.

This is the house oil we have never released and is used in “every” glass candle we fix.. 

During your altar work there are so many oils to chose from..Here is why I like this one;

Lightly based on my grandma’s version of the “Moses” formula for impossible situations, this oil can easily replace it, esp, for those who are more or less uncomfortable with using the strictly serious “Moses Oil”.   Helpful to those just starting out with altar work and need a serious oil for serious situations… Use at your altar during any work that requires the desired outcome, take command and take control of the situation before things get out of hand… Anoint your candles and petition papers and “any” ritual items…Pray with a sincere heart and let “HIM” work in your favor!

Can be used in “ANY” justified workings..Love & Marriage, Job, Career, Blockages etc…Contains sandalwood essence, Highest Grade “NAG CHAMPA”, sandalwood chips and hyssop and of course the infamous “Vervain (VAN VAN) herb”….. Entire Batch Prayed over with Pure Frankincense & the blessing led by our In-House Pastor on Sunday, July 29th, 2018…. This oil is spiritually blessed and we are so glad to share it with you.. 

Command the turnaround of a situation, command a favorable outcome, command an enemy to be gone… In HIS HOLY NAME…+++ Amen


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