Oggun Oil

Oggun Oil


-Oggun Oil-

Oggun, also known as Ogun, Ogou, or Ogúm, is the Orisha of Iron/Metal working, Warriors, and Blacksmiths. He is often viewed as aggressive and fearless.

Oggun discovered the foundry and became the first blacksmith, inventing all the tools that exist, making him the patron of Technology and Culture. He is a master of Pyrokinetics, able to create and use his own flames.

He works with a machete to clear away paths and help people overcome obstacles. Those who work with Oggun are said to be very self confident, know their self worth, and can harness a great deal of personal power. They are survivors, incredibly self disciplined, and never sell themselves short. 

Colors: Green and black.

Number: Combinations of 3 and 7

Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, June 29th, and the 4th of every month.

Offerings: Roasted sweet potatoes, alligator pepper, plantains, kola nuts, white beans, smoked fish, corn, red palm, cane alcohol, and cigars.

Use this oil at your altar during any rituals associated with Oggun, to anoint candles or petitions for him, or on any of his celebratory days. 

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