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Its Finally Here! Oshun Oil.. 

Our customers have requested this wonderful oil and we are happy to bring it to you the day after Oshun’s Feast Day!

Made with pure Sunflower Oil and raw honey, chamomile and anise and 3 others ingredients, this oil was poured and prayed over and began steeping in late July. We occasionally shook the jar and kept it in a dark cupboard. The final week we opened it and added more chamomile, orange peels and anise and spice, the result, is a scent that smells like the softest honey you will ever smell.. …It is so delicate and fine and no chemically smells, just pure clean honey & spice. We are grateful for your patience and we thank you for allowing us the opportunity to conjure another creation for our loyal customers.. Our customers come first, always..

Oshun oil can be used for at altar for dedication rituals and especially important works when you seek to work with the power and spirit of Oshun.. Here is a link about the Orisha Oshun..https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oshun .

We do hope you enjoy this new creation, made in loving memory of my aunt and mentor Olumbayo Ao Jones-Brown.

She went back and forth to Africa often and to BENIN (The origins of Hoodoo/Voodoo) and always came back to the states with new knowledge to share, she was one of my many spiritual teachers.

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5 reviews for Oshun Oil

  1. onegoodnerve (verified owner)

    This literally smells like sugar, spice and everything nice.. My new fav

  2. pixiepixiepixie (verified owner)

    This oil smells amazing! I’m ordering another bottle asap.

  3. Perryce1 (verified owner)

    OMG. When I tell you that this Oshun oil is the best thing I have ever smelled, I mean every word. I ordered the sample to see if I liked it. But I may need a supersize of this! Let me just get on back here and…

  4. xonoemie (verified owner)

    Amazing! This has become my most favorite oil – the smell is unbelievably intoxicating to my senses. I wish I could get this as a lifetime supply order in jumbo size 🙂

  5. Latasha (verified owner)

    🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Smells like fresh honey, and is powerful. You need this oil, trust.

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