No murky or contaminated Oils/Potions sold EVER! & No chemical preservatives.. Made the Old Way!!
Our products are crafted according to my Hoodoo tradition & style considered “Delta Region”, taught to me by my grandmother & mom.  My family has practiced conjure & root work for the last 108+ years. My great-grand mom, my grandmother and my mother were root workers & spiritual workers.  My grandmother actually worked on Beale Street during the 40’s/50’s as a root worker & I am proud to share our traditions with you.  All doll babies, mojo/nation sacks & various bags, oils, powders, sweetening jars and more are all hand-prepared for your remedy or condition. We never pass off foreign bought or fake oils or mass produced mojo bags to our customers….

Experience history…

This is Our Legacy

Hoodoo in all of its variants is predominately considered a southern phenomenon. Many regions in the south can attribute conjure and rootwork to elders and ancestors who were exposed to the craft. Many were slaves who brought many traditions from the continent of Africa and other regions, or possibly native americans who were adept at planting and seasonal anomalies.. Many consider the craft evil or spooky and may not quite understand the correlations between survival and coping with the trauma of enslavement…. Many books introduce the curious to the mystery of hoodoo and other crafts…. We suggest reading these books with an open mind and seek to understand the “Why’s of Hoodoo” before the “How’s of Hoodoo” … It is a practice forged of necessity and trauma and the legacy of our African American ancestors… We are forever agonized at what they suffered and seek to move forward in honor of all the lives before us & those who managed to persevere.

My maternal family is originally from Middle Tn and an oral history of our family is intact for the most part.. My great grandmother has passed down to us incredible stories about life in the late 1800’s that she remembered her elders told to her…. My granny was born in the 1920’s and lived a life we are unable to comprehend today… By the time she passed, we were so full of stories and awe of their survival it was almost too much to fathom…. She was an adept at growing flowers and was a mid-wife or the lady who help birth babies.. I am fortunate to have been born with her help and landed in her lap at birth where she cut the cord and removed the skin from my face.

Acknowledgement: Featured in Stories of Rootworkers & Hoodoo in the Mid-South (American Heritage) by Tony Kail
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